Welcome to the May issue of my newsletter. 

I’m sharing this quote with you all as it seems to describe how many of us are feeling right now. 

Would you agree?

Weddings that were postponed but are hopefully now taking place in the coming months. 

Life events that you wanted to celebrate as a family but couldn’t last year are now being planned. The warmer weather of May is starting to make you feel more positive and hopeful. 

Let’s face it, the past few months have been difficult for some. 

So, if you are looking for a dose of encouragement, then I’d like to share with you a podcast. It’s called the ‘Happy Life Habits Inspiration Points’ podcast and is all about positive people sharing their journey, challenges, and daily habits. 

Can you take inspiration from the (extra) ordinary people on the podcast? I’m hoping that I can perhaps give you some, I’m on episode 5, you can watch it here on Youtube

Or if you prefer to listen to it on your phone when out for a walk or doing the household jobs you can listen here


Springtime used to be known as the start of the wedding season. 

But after the year we have all had, that isn’t really true anymore. 

Are you a couple excited for the wedding you have planned or do you have a wedding to go to? Do let me know. I love hearing good news.

I had the pleasure of being the Celebrant at Binit and Chaitaly’s wedding. For me, as a Celebrant, I take great pride in helping both the bride and bridegroom create a day that they can remember. For many couples, their focus is creating a day that their guests can remember! 

As guests, we often look forward to the speeches don’t you think? It’s an important part of the day. From my experience, it’s also the part that the bridegroom and the father of the bride are most worried about!

Like many bridegrooms I’ve met, Binit wasn’t feeling totally confident about delivering his speech so I was able to provide him some advice and guidance through my public speaking course

I was thrilled that for the bride, the bridegroom, and the guests the day was relaxed, bespoke, fun, and upbeat. This is what we all want from a wedding day, whether that be our own or someone that you know. 

If you would like further information on how I as a Celebrant can help you make your day relaxed and memorable take a look here.

Thinking of speeches, whether that be for a wedding, an event, or within the workplace how do you start a speech? Often when we are giving a speech we are nervous, we have a tight throat and we are dreading those first few opening lines. 

Will they like me?

How will the audience react?

Will I remember what I am going to say?

The opening few lines of a speech are important as they set the tone for the rest of what you want to say. 

Here I share some ways that you can start a speech and things to consider when writing your speech

I am a firm believer in sharing our good news stories. It provides others with inspiration and shows that anything is possible. It’s something that I encourage you all to do. I wanted to share two things this month that have made me proud. 

It was a real honour to receive The Indian Achievers Award recently for my services in teaching public speaking and helping others to learn this Life Skill. The Indian Achievers Award, recognises outstanding achievements of Indians at International platforms.

I was also delighted to receive The Sutra Excellence Award for my work as a Public Speaking Expert, Toastmaster, and Celebrant. The Sutra Excellence Awards are based in India and were set up to recognise excellence in various fields across the globe. 

I enjoy what I do, I had a passion that I followed which led me to what I do now. These awards are a lovely testament and show that when you dare to follow your own path and follow your dreams you can achieve great things. 

If you need any more inspiration on following your own path and achieving your dreams then I can highly recommend a book called ‘It Starts With Me’.

This book is a compilation of stories from women who have embraced their own life stories and taken this to achieve their own kind of success. I share one of my stories and I would love to hear your thoughts on my chapter. 

I hope you have enjoyed this month’s newsletter. If you’d like to keep up to date with me more frequently, then why don’t you follow me on Facebook, Instagram, or Pinterest. 

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