Lady Toastmaster & Master of Ceremonies

An Experienced Asian Lady Toastmaster Ensuring Special, Unique and Memorable Events

Relax and enjoy your special event while all the details are safely in the hands of an experienced and professional Lady Toastmaster.

I am a professional Toastmaster and Master of Ceremonies, one of only a few female Asian Toastmasters in the UK. I provide Toastmaster services in London, across the UK and internationally. I have many years of experience in the entertainment industry working with the finest suppliers. My focus as a Toastmaster is you and your guests, I will always put you at the heart of my work.

I ensure that your day runs smoothly with the added class and ceremony that your event deserves. I am accustomed to managing all kinds of events from formal dinners, weddings and corporate events to luncheons, banquets and parties. With me as your Toastmaster overseeing your event, you can be sure of the highest professionalism with your guests treated with the utmost respect and guaranteed to feel special on your memorable day. I have my own list of top suppliers to make your day extra special.

Discover how a Toastmaster can transform your event.

This video explains to you the role of the Toastmaster and just how much value they add to any type of event.

Your event in capable hands.

Lady Toastmaster available for all of the following…

Weddings & Receptions of all Faiths
Royal and Civic events
Corporate Hospitality Events
Award Ceremonies
Ambassadorial Receptions
Sports and Association Lunches
Masonic Ladies Festivals
Lions Club & Rotary Events
Trade Shows & Product Launches
Community & Charity Events & Auctions
Anniversaries & Retirement Parties
Funeral & Memorial Services
Graduation Balls
plus countless other events where only the highest calibre Toastmaster is accepted.

Create the ceremony or event that you’ve been dreaming of

If you are interested in booking a Toastmaster or wish to enquire about any special requirements, contact me today.

charity event Lady Toastmaster
lady toastmaster at luxury wedding
how do you know which toastmaster to book, or who is the best? Did you know that you can have a female Toastmaster and that all Toastmasters are not over 60 :) Here are a few tips to help you understand which toastmaster to book
Wedding Toastmaster / Master of Ceremonies


A Toastmaster is a key person at any occasion where there is a degree of formality required. We provide an age-old practice of ‘Master of the Ceremony’ and are the pillar of any function to whom all the event staff turn to as the official coordinator. On the day of your special celebration, we are your visual spokesperson.

Often it is thought that a Toastmaster simply makes announcements, however, this is just a small part of their work. Much of what we do happens before the event. We work closely with the client, event planner and suppliers to make sure that the wishes of the client are delivered.

We will also work closely with suppliers and staff at the venue to ensure these wishes are followed through.

As well as giving structure and gravitas to proceedings, they use their skills and personality to ensure that their guests are at ease. An excellent Toastmaster will be able to assess the mood of the event and help create the right atmosphere.

Whatever the event, employing a Toastmaster adds the appropriate level of organisation, grandeur, fun and ultimately that ‘je ne sais quoi’ which makes the day memorable and special.

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