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I am an experienced Toastmaster having been trained by The English Toastmasters Association and am a member of The Association of Independent Celebrants and The Celebrant Directory. For those seeking unique and authentic celebrations, whether that be a luxury wedding, a private party, a corporate event, or remembering a loved one, the services of a Wedding & Toastmaster or Celebrant can ensure that your event is not only seamless but reflects your unique personalities.

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What are my amibitions, my passions and where did that all come from?

Discover why I am so passionate about coaching for public speaking and how my background in communications and as a Lady Toastmaster have inspired me to help others find their confidence.



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Weddings, Namings, Renewal of Vows & Funerals

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Discover how a Celebrant and Toastmaster can transform your special event.

A celebrant-led ceremony allows you the freedom to celebrate in exactly the way you want, in the location you want and with all the special details that make you unique. My celebrant services include weddings, renewal of vows, naming ceremonies and funeral or memorial services.

I have built a global reputation for officiating luxury weddings. So whether you long for a small intimate gathering or a large and lavish affair, your ceremony will be exceptional, memorable and most important of all, reflect who you are as a couple.

A naming ceremony is a beautiful way to formally welcome your child into the world or into your family whether that be by birth, adoption, or the blending of families. Naming ceremonies can be held for children of any age and are a wonderful way of bringing families together to celebrate a joyful time in their lives.

I conduct funeral and memorial services with dignity and respect ensuring that family and guests are given time to pay their respects to the departed and each other.

As a formally trained Toastmaster, I create unique and exceptional ceremonies and events while delivering first-class service with discretion. My aim for your special celebration is to ensure that the couple, family and friends have a special, unique and memorable event.

People often think that a Toastmaster only makes formal announcements at an event but we offer so much more!

I will keep the event organised and to schedule, work with all suppliers to ensure a seamless event, that is calm and well run. My services can include, assisting with drafting speeches, advice on suppliers and filling in when there is a technical or unexpected hitch. I can be easily recognised as the go-to person to get help or advice.

I will be your visual spokesperson ensuring that your wedding or event is memorable for all the right reasons. I will use my skills and personality to ensure that your guests are at ease and I will take away any concerns from you, your family and guests, leaving you all to have a stress free celebration.

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