About Sonal Dave

Luxury Weddings & Ceremonies Celebrant, Professional Toastmaster & Public Speaking Expert


I believe there are many paths for us to take, people to meet along the way and stories that need to be told. Let’s dare to dream together!

Do you want to make an impact when speaking in public on stage, at team meetings, at networking events, community events and more?Through my public speaking work, I will give you tips on how to deliver talks and presentations that really make a difference and share my years of experience from being on stage, tv and work. I will work with you to build your confidence and remove the fear, showing you that you can be a great speaker and importantly learn skills to help you succeed in life at home, work and in the community. I have a variety of coaching packages so you can choose what suits you.

Through my services as a Celebrant and Toastmaster I will help you to have your life event that is special, unique and memorable for all the right reasons. Together we will create a ceremony based on the information that you share with me and choices for readings, poems, symbolic rituals and live music.

To find out more about me, continue reading below and watch the video I have put together for you.


Who am I?

What are my amibitions, my passions and where did that all come from?

Discover why I am so passionate about coaching for public speaking and how my background in communications and now as a Celebrant, Toastmaster and Public Speaking Expert I am inspiring others to find their confidence and have the event that they wished for.

Passionate about creating dreams

I am Sonal Dave and I am one of the top Asian Lady Toastmasters and Ceremonies Celebrants in the UK. I am passionate about my art. I call it art as storytelling and creating visionary environments is art. It’s a way of making dreams come true.

For many years I have been arranging top corporate, luxury wedding and community events through the UK as a celebrant or in the role of Lady Toastmaster or Master of Ceremonies. My work is renowned for its high end, luxury feel, I stop at nothing to ensure every step of my work is carefully considered and for this, I am highly sought after.

I believe in being inclusive and pioneering equality and diversity in all that I do. In 2004 I became a Magistrate and now sit on the NW London bench. I truly believe in giving back to the community and this is one way of working towards this goal.

I have led an exciting and varied career with extensive experience as a Civil Servant, philanthropist and Magistrate. Now I bring my passions together as one of the first Asian Female Toastmasters and Celebrants in the UK.

I pride myself on being able to create exceptional and comprehensive occasions that will ensure that my partnership with you is not just for one event. I can conduct ceremonies and events in English, Gujarati and basic Hindi and I can also sing as well.


As a professionally trained Toastmaster and Ceremonies Celebrant, you can be sure that my qualifications support my passion for luxury ceremonies and events.

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Get in Touch

I am accustomed to managing all kinds of events from formal dinners, weddings and corporate events to luncheons, banquets and parties. With my support, you can be sure of the highest professionalism and a truly memorable day.

My focus as a lady Toastmaster and Celebrant is you and your guests, I will always put you at the heart of my work.


With experience as an actress in commercials, television, film and voice-overs, I have a versatile portfolio that reflects my wide range of skills.

Since childhood I have always enjoyed being in front of the camera and on stage, presenting and singing to create special, unique & memorable events and productions.

Contact me to find out how I can help you, your child, your team and your leaders develop the Life Skills of Communicating with Confidence.

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