Looking for the silver lining? Here is something that can help.

Welcome to the July edition of my newsletter. I can’t believe I am writing this but it’s the end of July!

How has that happened! Schools will have broken up for the summer holidays and hopefully, the summer will bring some relaxing time for everyone as a family.  It’s been a disrupted year but I am and always have been someone who looks for the silver lining in everything. 

It’s been a while but one of my silver linings has been knowing that we have returned to in-person events. It felt so good to be able to be back doing events again and my first event back was a Renewal of Vows Ceremony.⁠

⁠The ceremony was for Tam & Mo and was held on 24th June 2021 at a beautiful venue, Tudor Barn Eltham. The ceremony was small and intimate and all about the couple and their children.⁠

The beauty of a Renewal of Vows Ceremony is that it can be held whenever the couple wants. Some choose to have the ceremony after major years like 5, 10, 15, and onwards.⁠

⁠Others choose to have them to mark special moments like getting through the pandemic, being away from each other due to work commitments, surviving a major illness, or even when their family grows in numbers. There is no right or wrong time to have a Renewal of Vows Ceremony. It is all down to what feels right for both of you.⁠

⁠I cannot wait for the next one!

You can watch the Renewal of Vows Ceremony here.

For many of us, the summer wedding season is upon us. It’s an exciting time for everyone when it comes to a wedding. 

For those of you who have been involved in organising a large event, you will know that organising a wedding is no different! There are many suppliers to deal with, preparations to make, and not to mention the on-the-day nerves hoping that everyone turns up, suppliers are on time and the wedding goes without a hitch. 

These are common nerves for a bride and a bridegroom. Simran and Bish were no different. They both wanted to write their own wedding vows as well as ensure that the run-up to their big day was as stress-free as it could be. 

As their Celebrant, I helped with all of their questions, whilst creating their special ceremony and using my many years of experience helped when it came to writing their wedding vows. A couple’s wedding vows are such an important part of the wedding ceremony and it was a pleasure to be able to use my knowledge to help them write their perfect vows to each other.

Celebrant wedding testimonial

What’s been your silver lining from the past year? Or something that you’ve taken away as a positive from the past year?

Do let me know at sonal@sonaldave.com


I know that many of you will have been affected in different ways with the disruption in classes and children reacting in different ways. I’ve found that taking a mindful approach to everyday life has helped. I’ve written a blog on mindful communication that I wanted to share with you. I hope it helps enhance your life the way it has mine. 

Read my mindful communication blog here

If you have any tips that you would like to share on mindful communication then drop me a note at sonal@sonaldave.com

Finally, I’m excited to share that my second book collaboration ‘‘A New Woman’ is now available to buy and download from Amazon! 

In this collaboration, I talk about how I overcame my own disability from childhood. 

Here is a quote from my chapter that I hope will entice you to go and buy the book:

“I wonder why there is a feeling that if you or your child has a disability you should keep it quiet, you should not tell anyone, as they will treat you differently. I have even heard some people mention that if you or your child has a disability then God is punishing you.’’

My hope is that it starts a more open and positive conversation about disability and how disability isn’t a barrier to achieving success. Whatever you want success to look like. 



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