Sonal the Speaker

Discover the Voice of Transformation

When it comes to events that inspire, educate, and transform, few speakers can bring the depth of experience, authenticity, and passion to the stage

As an award-winning ceremonies celebrant, toastmaster, public speaking expert, published author, and magistrate with over two decades of experience, I am not just a speaker; I am a beacon of empowerment and inspiration.

My journey is a compelling narrative of overcoming barriers, embracing diversity, and pursuing dreams with relentless determination. From my early days facing health challenges to explorations across India and a remarkable career transition from the Civil Service to becoming one of the UK’s esteemed Asian female toastmasters and celebrants, my story is a testament to the power of resilience and reinvention.

Why Sonal Dave is the Perfect Choice for Your Event

With a Diverse Portfolio, Sonal’s multifaceted background ensures a rich, diverse perspective that appeals to a wide audience. Whether your event focuses on personal development, diversity and inclusion, entrepreneurship, or the art of communication, I deliver with unmatched authenticity and insight.

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Empowerment Through Public Speaking

With CPD-accredited workshops and courses, I have transformed the lives of individuals by equipping them with the confidence to find their voice. Sessions on public speaking and communication are not merely instructional; they are transformative experiences that empower attendees to express themselves effectively in all facets of life.

Inclusivity and Engagement

My commitment to inclusivity is evident in my approach to celebrating life’s moments. I skilfully blend cultures, traditions, and personal stories, creating ceremonies that resonate deeply with all involved. This unique skill set translates into speaking engagements that are engaging, heartfelt, and inclusive, drawing in the audience and fostering a genuine connection.

Award-Winning Excellence

My dedication to my craft has been recognised with numerous awards, underscoring excellence in ceremonies, public speaking, and education. Booking me as a speaker means bringing this award-winning expertise to your event, ensuring a memorable and impactful experience for all attendees.

Versatility for Any Event

From seminars and keynotes to community events and innovative gatherings, my versatility as a speaker makes me an ideal choice for a variety of settings. My ability to tailor the message to suit your event’s theme and audience ensures a customized, engaging experience that goes beyond the ordinary.

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“Dare to Dream, Dare to be Different, The World is Your Stage”

Sonal Dave

Ready to make your event a landmark occasion?

Contact us now to book Sonal Dave as your next speaker and set the stage for an experience that resonates, inspires, and transforms.

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