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A celebrant led ceremony gives you the freedom to celebrate without restriction. Whether you require a celebrant for a wedding, renewal of vows ceremony, naming ceremony or funeral service. we will work together to create the perfect celebration. I am able to build in Asian rituals, symbolic moments and sing some mantras. I also speak English and Gujarati with basic Hindi.  

Your ceremony. Your way.

This video helps to explain the services that a Celebrant can carry out and the value they add to your event.

Discover how a celebrant can help you get exactly the ceremony you want, where you want, without restrictions.

Multicultural Wedding Celebrant Ceremonies

Creating dream ceremonies that suit your style.

Luxury wedding celebrant ceremonies
Once upon a time starts every fairy tale and love story. Yours is no different. You have a story that deserves to be told. You’ve come a long way in your journey together and this day will be the cherry on the top of your love.

Do you dare to dream? Dreams can be made into reality with the right choices. As a wedding celebrant, I create dream ceremonies. I take your story and turn it into something extraordinary, a story that your loved ones need to hear.

The first time your eyes locked together, or the time you danced until the sun came up, your wedding ceremony should capture those moments and give them back to you a word at a time.

This is my art. My art is telling your story in a way that no one else can.

As an experienced celebrant, with years of writing and officiating ceremonies, I will work closely with you to create the unique and personalised ceremony you desire. I run through all the ways we can personalise it to give it an extremely meaningful feel whilst respecting any want for tradition in your culture, ethnicity or identity. Have the ceremony that starts with once upon a time but finishes with forever.

Multicultural Renewal of Vows Ceremonies

renewal of vows ceremony London
There is only one type of love and that is yours. No one else compares to the love that you two have and what better way of expressing your love for each other than by reconfirming it in front of your friends and family, the special people in your life that supported you through the years.

You may be celebrating a special anniversary or perhaps you’ve been through some significant changes in your life. Well these are the perfect reasons to renew those vows you took with each other during your marriage.

I will work with you to create your perfect celebration ceremony, one that respects your culture, ethnicity, heritage, identity, style and most importantly, one that reflects your journey together as a married couple.

Celebrant Naming Ceremonies

naming ceremony celebrant
Babies represent togetherness; they represent a new beginning and a fresh perspective on life. They bring together family, friends and join a community. A Naming Ceremony is the perfect way to introduce this child into their new, exciting world and celebrate a belonging. A Naming Ceremony is the ideal alternative to a religious ceremony, expressing the love and wishes of the parents. It gives opportunity for readings, poems, symbolism and promises.

Naming ceremonies are also a fantastic way to introduce an adopted child into the family unit, or the coming together of two families.

I create ceremonies with heart, and ceremonies that stand out from a typical service. I write ceremonies that are full of meaning and care, ceremonies that reflect your values and beliefs and most importantly, wishes for your child’s future.

Multicultural Funerals & Celebration of Life Ceremonies

funeral celebrant and celebrant on life ceremonies

The passing of a loved one is life-changing. It changes perspective and starts a new chapter for the family and friends left behind.

However, it is also a time to celebrate the life of your loved one. I create ceremonies that commemorate a life. I write from the heart, listening to your stories and reliving your memories with you.

I support you during this time. I am there to listen, to hold hands and be part of the journey. There are many ways to personalise funeral ceremonies and I will talk you through all of the options available. I am there to ensure your loved one receives the send-off they deserve. I am also available to conduct the scattering of ashes ceremony:

Hindu Celebrant – Sonal Dave – Ashes Puja Ceremony

Creating your dream life events and ceremonies…just for you

Luxury wedding celebrant
Wedding celebrant London
Luxury wedding celebrant ceremony
Wedding celebrant

Create the ceremony or event that you’ve been dreaming of

If you are interested in booking me as your Celebrant or wish to enquire about any special requirements, contact me today.

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