Public Speaking Courses, One-to-One Sessions & Workshops for Children & Adults

Communicate effectively and overcome your fear of public speaking

Would you like to communicate with confidence?

Did you know that three out of four people have a fear of getting up and speaking in front of others? The thought of people staring at them and judging them makes the fear even worse. But the truth is, in life, you need Public Speaking Skills to be able to communicate with confidence.

Public Speaking is a skill that is required for life. Speaking one to one, at business team meetings, with suppliers, with your clients, at events, talking about your product, at an interview, at school, college or university and so much more.

It is time to break that cycle of fear and learn tips and skills to jump-start the next phase in your journey.

Learn Public Speaking

Online Courses, London Workshops, and One-to-One Support for Adults and Children

Online Public Speaking Courses

Online public speaking courses for children and adults

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One to One Support

Public speaking one-to-one sessions to guide you through the course or grab a power-hour when you need it

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London Public Speaking Workshops

In-person public speaking workshops for adults and children in London

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Workbooks & Guides

Grab the interview prep and storytelling downloads for adults and children

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Who am I?

What are my ambitions, my passions and where did that all come from?

Discover why I am so passionate about public speaking and how my background in communications and now as a Celebrant, Toastmaster and Public Speaking Expert I am inspiring others to find their confidence.

Online public speaking courses for adults and children

Communicating and Speaking with Confidence can be learnt at any age. From children as young as 4 years to teenagers and adults; everyone can benefit from increased confidence when speaking.

Having the confidence to get up and speak is not easy. Many young children, teenagers and adults are shy and not very confident, some of them are nervous and scared and others will just want to run away at the thought of having to speak in front of others. This is all very normal.

My online courses will help you or your child to start to overcome those fears and increase confidence.

Teaching Young Children to Communicate and Speak with Confidence – 4+ Years

teaching public speaking and communication skills for children

Teaching Children to Speak With Confidence 8-16 Years

good communicator - know your subject

Adult Online Public Speaking Course

One-to-One Support for Public Speaking

Alongside the public speaking courses, I offer one-to-one online sessions. Book your course plus 5 to 12 hours of one-to-one support to help you communicate with confidence in any situation.

Buy a bundle or grab a power hour when you need support.

Public Speaking Workshops in London

In these interactive workshops, you will learn how to engage & interact with your audience, different styles of communication for different scenarios and using body language to influence your audience. 

We’ll cover how to create a good first (and last) impression as well as techniques to inject energy into your presentation and be remembered for all the right reasons!

Probably the most important thing we’ll cover in the workshop is understanding how to control your nerves and build confidence.

The public speaking workshops in London will help to build personal confidence, improve morale with the new skills and help increase confidence.

public speaking workshop for children

Teaching Children to Speak with Confidence – Public Speaking Workshop

public speaking workshop

Public Speaking Workshop for Adults

Take a look inside one of my face-to-face public speaking workshops

See what participants of one of my recent workshops had to say about the session and how it helped them move forward with more confidence.

Get the skills to deal with any situation and feel much more confident

Freebies & Downloads

From interview prep to storytelling and managing anxiety, my free and premium downloads will help you gain the confidence to tackle difficult situations.

communicating with confidence and public speaking resources
public speaking course London
public speaking workshop London
public speaking course London
public speaking course for children

Ten Tips for Parents Struggling to Communicate with their Children

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Tips for Managing Mental Health and Anxiety In the Workplace

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Prepare for an interview and stand out from the other candidates.

Do the research, be prepared and practice with the right interview template.

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Give your child the best opportunity to be successful at their school interview

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Childhood Adverse Experiences that Affect Adulthood

A child will remember their childhood experiences whether openly or subconsciously

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What is a Toastmaster?

Why Should I Book One for my Wedding or Event?

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The Definitive Guide on Neurodiversity

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