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Communicate effectively and overcome your fear of public speaking

Public Speaking Courses Enabling you to Communicate with Confidence

Did you know that three out of four people have a fear of getting up and speaking in front of others? The thought of people staring at them and judging them makes the fear even worse. But the truth is, in life, you need to be able to communicate with confidence.

It is time to break that cycle of fear and learn tips and skills to jump-start the next phase in your journey. 

I run face-to-face and online workshops to help people communicate with confidence. Find the details below

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When communicating or presenting, ONLY 10% is about the words. The other 90% is the impact we make on our listener. So how we present ourselves, our body language, our vocal tone. It’s so important to get the delivery right and engage and interact.

Sonal Dave is an Award Winning Public Speaker, she has mentored many individuals to overcome their fear of Public Speaking.

Online Public Speaking Courses


Teaching Young Children to Communicate and Speak with Confidence – 4+ Years


Communicating and Speaking with Confidence can be learnt at any age. If you can help your child to learn as a young child, then you will find that their confidence to communicate will flourish and grow.

Having the confidence to get up and speak is not easy. Many young children are shy and not very confident, some of them are nervous and scared and others will just want to run away at the thought of having to speak in front of others. This is all very normal.

This online course will help your young child to start to overcome those fears and give them confidence. By the end of this course you will see a change in your young child.

It is a life skill that can help your children in so many situations from being a young child, older child, teenager to an adult.

This online course will help your child to:

  • improve posture
  • use their voice effectively
  • feel confident speaking in front of others
  • practice, practice, practice

Don’t delay and get your child to start the online animated course today…….

Teaching Children to Speak With Confidence


Communicating with Confidence is an art and can be learnt at any age. If you can start to learn as a child then you will find that your confidence to communicate will flourish and grow. It is a life skill that can help you in so many situations from being a child to an adult.

This course is aimed at children aged 8 and over, and parental supervision is advised, which will also support the development of confidence in communication within the parent-child relationship too!

What Will I Learn?

1. How to present with confidence in school and college

2. How to speak in a variety of situations including university and job interviews

3. How Body Language and can help you feel more confident

4. How to develop your own confidence to get up and speak in public

This course is delivered through video learning, activities for you to do and a general understanding of some theory.

Once you buy it then you keep it forever

There are activities to do, videos to watch and on completion a certificate to download.

Up Coming Public Speaking Workshops in London


Teaching Children to Speak With Confidence – Public Speaking Workshop

Do you wonder how you can most effectively help your teenager or young adult to cope with the daily stress of life, whilst making sure that they are resilient and most importantly able to communicate and speak effectively in Public?

The workshop will help to build personal confidence in each young person. It will improve their own personal morale with the new skills and help them to feel more confident.

If your child has the skill set to be able to speak confidently and even go so far as to enjoy it in front of other people, (family gatherings, school group sessions, in the playground, interviews, applications and so much more), then they will be in a position to bring satisfaction to most people and most importantly themselves.

Public Speaking Workshop for Adults

Public Speaking is a skill that is required for life. Speaking one to one, at business team meetings, with suppliers, with your clients, at events, talking about your product, at an interview and so much more.

In this interactive workshop, you will learn how to engage & interact with your audience, different styles of communications for different scenarios and using body language to influence your audience. We’ll cover how to create a good first (and last) impression as well as techniques to inject energy into your presentation and be remembered for all the right reasons! Probably the most important thing we’ll cover in the workshop is understanding how to control your nerves and build confidence.

Get the skills to deal with any situation and feel much more confident

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