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Welcome to the February edition of my newsletter. This month is one of my favourites, thanks to Valentines Day and the focus on Love. Were you one of the lucky ones who got engaged this month or do you know anyone who did? I’d love to hear all about the proposal.

This month has been a great month for getting noticed in the media. I had the honor of featuring in this month’s Women & Home magazine with my husband.

“To find love so late in life on your own terms is rare in my culture. If anyone was coming into my life they would have to accept me exactly as I was. As an Asian female growing up in a traditional Indian family, there were expectations. My parents weren’t pushy but in my 20s countless conversations began……….”

Unfortunately, I can’t share the link here but to read the full article, do pick up a copy of Woman & Home Feb 2021 on your next essential shop. The article tells you about how age is just a number when finding your true love.



I was also interviewed for Iglobal news –

Toastmaster & Celebrant, Sonal Dave on living by ‘dare to dream, dare to be different’ motto

Reena Ranger, Chair of Women Empowered, is In Conversation with Sonal Dave as part of her regular series for ‘iGlobal’ to explore some inspirational facets from the life and achievements of prominent Global Indians. Follow the link to read the full article and hear how Sonal has found a way to help her cope with Long Covid.

You can read the full article by following the link:




Key Dates to Remember following the Government Roadmap announcement on the 22nd February 2021

  • 8th March 2021-Schools and colleges are open including wraparound childcare
  • 8th March 2021- weddings can take place with 6 attendees
  • 12th April 2021 – weddings allowed with up to 15 guests, 
  • 17th May 2021 – weddings allowed with up to 30 guests
  • 21st June 2021 – all legal limits will be lifted on weddings

There are many other dates for you which can be found here:




All the talk about love this month really has me missing my Celebrant & Toastmaster work. I can’t wait to get back to doing what I love, hopefully soon, but for now I will continue to reminisce about all the lovely couples I’ve worked with over the years.

For many postponing their wedding has been the best option but for some, continuing with a small intimate wedding worked out just perfectly. 

Joanne & Laura are from opposite sides of the world, but fell in love when they met in London in 2015. Their wedding was due to take place last May, with many of Joanne’s friends and family travelling over from Australia for the occasion. Due to the pandemic all plans were put on hold, flights cancelled and Joanne & Laura left confused as to when they would be able to wed. After many discussions they decided that the uncertainty of travel meant their big wedding might not take place for years, so rather than waiting they decided to go ahead and marry in a very intimate wedding, with a handful of guests. The wedding took place in their favourite park, with 6 guests and a zoom link to family in australia. It was a beautiful ceremony, fully focused on the love they shared, and the commitment they were making to each other; and although not the big wedding they had originally planned, it was just as good with a beautifully created ceremony unique to the two of them.

I still do have a couple of dates available for later this year, and then it’s into 2022 & 2023. To discuss your special day and book my Celebrant or Toastmaster services you can contact me on sonal@sonaldave.com

If you would like to find out more about my services these free downloads will help. 

What is a Celebrant:


What is a Toastmaster:




Did you know that the 26th February is Tell a Fairytale Day? Do you have a favourite fairy tale or story?


How are you feeling about your children returning to school soon? Many parents are nervous and feeling uncertain. Have you asked your children how they are feeling? Some will be nervous and others excited to see friends but they will have some worry about the transition back into the real classroom? Children have been at home for a long time, learning through online classes, so it might take a bit of adjustment. 

In preparation for their return and a boost to their confidence my Children’s Online Communicating with Confidence Courses could be just the help they need. These online courses are designed to be done at home, at their own pace, increasing their confidence and self esteem. Your child can do these as often as they want. For more information click the links below. 

Age 4-7 years:

Communicating With Confidence Online Course

Age 8+

Communicating With Confidence Online Course

I do hope you have found this month’s newsletter enjoyable and informative. As always please do let me know if there is anything specific you’d like to see more of. If you have a family member or friend who may benefit from the information in my newsletter – please feel free to share.


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