What is a Toastmaster and Do I Need One?

by | Jan 15, 2021 | Toastmaster

What is a Toastmaster? By far the most pressing question I receive from clients planning weddings or events. Since becoming a Toastmaster I have had so many amusing questions asked of me that I felt compelled to share at least one with you in this blog.

Where do I start!? Well, let’s start at the first question I was asked last year by a young lady in her late 20s who was sourcing suppliers for her wedding & reception.

This is how the conversation went:

“My friend said that I should speak to you as you can help me with your Toastmaster Service”

“Well firstly, thank you for getting in touch, I would be honoured to be a part of your very special day”

“Can I ask you a question?”

“Of course you can, I’m here to help you…. What is the question?”

“What is a Toastmaster and what do you do?”

Jaw drop moment, pause for effect ………..(not sure what level to pitch my reply), deep sigh, look up to the sky, pause again and….

What is a Toastmaster?

A Toastmaster is a key person at any occasion where there is a degree of formality required. Formal occasions can be daunting for many people as they may be inexperienced at either organising or even attending such events. It is important, therefore, to have someone who has experience of such situations who can make sure things go smoothly.

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What does a Toastmaster Do?

Now that we have answered your first question, ‘what is a toastmaster?’ let’s dive into what they actually do. Toastmasters are usually forgotten but are a really essential part of the big day. Many people think a Toastmaster simply makes announcements. This is just a small part of my work. Much of what I do happens before the event, I work closely with the client and / or the event coordinator to make sure that the tone and timetable is appropriate and suits the needs of the clients. I help the day run smoothly and work with the event coordinator to organise suppliers; leaving you to have a stress-free event.

Why Do I need a Toastmaster?

When planning a wedding or event, think of it like a unique production. It will require lots of direction, stage management and excellent communication. As a Toastmaster, I am the voice of the bride and groom, the eyes and ears of the family and in my dashing attire; I am able to move around to make sure that all plans are delivered as expected.

You may feel that some of these duties fall to the event coordinator, and yes, you are right but the difference is on the day I am your visual spokesperson. I am formal in my uniform, which often includes a red tailcoat. However, as well as giving structure and gravitas to proceedings, I will use my skills and personality to ensure that your guests are at ease. An excellent Toastmaster will be able to assess the mood of the event and help create the right atmosphere. I can do that for you.

What does a Toastmaster do on the day?

At the event, I will work with the event coordinator to ensure things run smoothly. At a wedding, for example, I will be responsible for orchestrating any or all of the following important moments; announcements, greeting the wedding party and guests, announcing guests, arranging the receiving line, introducing speeches, ensuring the guest book is signed, liaising with photographers, looking after cards and gifts, arranging the cutting of the cake, the bouquet toss, introducing speakers and the first dance. The bride and bridegroom should certainly not be concerning themselves with what happens next on their special day, and neither should their guests.

Why Should I Book A Toastmaster for my Wedding or Event?

For your wedding or any life event to run successfully and as planned you will need to make sure that you have the right selection of suppliers that are all focussed on their knowledge and expertise.

A Wedding Planner will help you plan your special day/s from months before or weeks before depending on the package you book plus help you find the right suppliers you need.

A Catering Manager will help you to decide the best menu for your event and guests including any allergy requirements and best times for food service or buffet.

A DJ will make sure they have all music ready for entrances, first dance and cake cutting as well as making sure that everyone is on the dance floor

A Toastmaster, like myself, can add value and support you in many ways and not just by making announcements. Below is a list of ways a Toastmaster can help at all events from weddings, charity, corporate and community events.

  1. A Toastmaster will make the announcements required for the even
  2. A Toastmaster will ensure the couple of chief guests are ready before announcing them in
  3. A Toastmaster will work with the supplier team to ensure everything is running to time and if there are any delays will find a way to manage them
  4. A Toastmaster will make sure all speakers are ready, have their scripts and check if they want to sit or stand for their speech before announcing them on
  5. A Toastmaster will make sure everything is sorted front of house, is to time and seamless, walking around in their splendid uniform
  6. A Toastmaster will add gravitas to an event with their personality, engagement and interaction throughout
  7. A Toastmaster will look after the guests making sure they are where they should be
  8. A Toastmaster will look after the couple and make sure any last-minute requests are managed working with the other suppliers
  9. A Toastmaster will allow you and your guests to enjoy the event and not be running around stressed
  10. A Toastmaster is not the best man, a friend or an uncle. A Toastmaster has undergone training and mentoring to ensure that they provide the best service for your event.

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What to Consider When Booking a Toastmaster

  1. Has the Toastmaster been trained by an official association?
  2. Does the Toastmaster belong to an official association?
  3. Does the Toastmaster wear an official uniform including a collarette?
  4. Does the Toastmaster have insurance?
  5. Does the Toastmaster have a contract with a booking form, terms and conditions?
  6. Does the Toastmaster have a website or somewhere you can see their work both photos & videos?
  7. Does the Toastmaster have reviews on their website, social media or Business Google Page?
  8. Can you meet with or have a telephone/video call with the Toastmaster to see if you like their style and personality before you book?
  9. Does the Toastmaster understand the type of event you are having and any particular religious or cultural parts?
  10. Does the Toastmaster speak any other languages that could support your event?
  11. How does the Toastmaster make you feel? Are they listening to your ideas and vision and what you want?

If you would like to get in touch to see how I can help you and ask me any questions then you can have a look at my website at https://www.sonaldave.com/toastmaster/  or email me at sonal@sonaldave.com

Looking forward to hearing from you.


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Asian Lady Toastmaster: SONAL DAVE

Sonal Dave is a Ceremonies Celebrant, Lady Toastmaster and Professional Public Speaking Expert. Speaking English, Gujarati and basic Hindi, Sonal’s services include symbolic Asian rituals, the sand ceremony and many other symbolic Indian or Western elements.

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