Children’s Confidence Course

Increase your child’s confidence, building self-esteem and improving their communication skills.

Reduce shyness, enhance family relationships and boost school performance

Communication difficulties are strongly associated with behavioural problems.  Having a big impact on child development.

To the point that 73% of children go on to have a phobia of speaking in front of others in adult life.

The problem is, children with confidence issues worry about what others think and they have anxieties and unpleasant feelings of self-consciousness.  Which leads to them not wanting to get involved.

They fear the discomfort caused by being around others.  Suppressing their ability to express their feelings which leads to low self-esteem, shyness, and a lack of confidence.  Causing them to miss out on opportunities through…

Not putting themselves forward for activities.
Losing chances to build relationships, being too shy to put up their hand.
Not asking when they’ve missed information, allowing themselves to fall behind with their school work and then not doing well in exams.


Shutting themselves off to others.  So they don’t have to feel judged and risk becoming stressed and anxious.

Fear of social situations can be crippling to a child and this can become something which they carry with them throughout their lives

It doesn’t have to be this way

I’m Sonal Dave, a public speaking expert who has helped many children, from being so shy it’s affecting their development to being confident enough to speak in front of others.

I haven’t always helped children with their confidence and communication. During one of my events as a Toastmaster a concerned parent (Angela) approached me. She asked if I could teach the confidence and clarity which I showed on stage at the event.

At first, I said no.

Not because I couldn’t do it but this just wasn’t something I’d considered at the time.

Angela began to explain how her daughter (Sarah) was a chatterbox in the house. She was always in high spirits and there were no concerns.

But away from the home, especially in school, Sarah had become known as the shy kid. She was avoiding opportunities to get involved and her teachers were concerned about her development.

Angela was worried that Sarah was not socially ready. She’d do anything to avoid being the centre of attention to the point it was affecting her school work.

Angela was becoming frustrated.  She knew Sarah had the confidence inside of her to do well, but she wasn’t willing to show it away from home. There were no signs of improvement and Angela was losing hope.  She had begun to think it was just the way Sarah was and all she could do was be supportive. However, when she saw how confidently I spoke to a crowd Angela knew I would be able to help Sarah.

After hearing their story I began to think the same about helping others with my skills.

I started researching the issues surrounding child development.  Soon seeing that Angela and Sarah were not alone.You see, children are taught to get good grades, find a job and work hard.  But they aren’t taught one of the most important skills in today’s society.

“What we sometimes see as a failure to behave properly is actually a failure to communicate properly”

Communicating with confidence course for children

With this in mind, I built a workshop.  It started with people who I knew.  Angela and Sarah being amongst my first success stories.

The kids who attended began to increase their confidence.  They made more friends and were improving at school.

The adults were getting better with their parenting styles and improving relationships with their children. They soon realised my methods weren’t just helping their children.  They were giving them an advantage as parents.

Word began to spread as more and more parents heard about the work I was doing. This demand led me to build an online version of the workshop, giving parents full access, regardless of how many children they have or for how long they need to use it.

Communicating With Confidence Courses for Children


Two online courses to suit ages ranging from 4+ years and 8+ to young adults.

4+ Years online confidence course

Delivered over 7 video modules to ensure your child remains engaged.

They will come away knowing what it means to be confident.

You won’t need to worry about them being shy and you’ll both find it easier to communicate.

Your child will know:

The importance of communicating with confidence, why it matters and how to apply it. So they no longer feel the need to be shy.
How to confidently engage in, and properly finish conversations. Allowing them to contribute effectively and leave a lasting impression.

How to use proper body language. Remaining calm and showing strength even when nervous.

All for just £79

8+ Years – Young adult online confidence course

Delivered over 14 modules using written activities and videos.

Your child will come away with higher self-esteem.  Being able to speak without experiencing feelings of dread and anxiety.

They’ll be able to communicate with you on a more mature level and they will no longer feel the need to be shy.

Your child will know how to:

Present with confidence in school and college. Giving them the courage to get involved.
Speak in a variety of situations including university and job interviews. Increasing their opportunities and giving them an edge over other candidates.

Use proper body language. Making them feel empowered and show confidence to their peers.

Speak confidently in public. So they no longer shy away from new situations and are always willing to get involved.

All for just £99

The children’s confidence courses also work great together.
roviding your child with a confident transition from an early age to young adult.

teaching communication skills for children
teaching public speaking and communication skills for children

As I show your child how to:

  • Accept how they look – Improving self-worth so they no longer worry about what others think of them.
  • Accept how they sound – Being positive about themselves so they can speak with confidence.
  • Use proper body language – Projecting strength so others are more likely to engage in a positive way.
  • Start conversations – Having the confidence to ask questions.  Being less likely to miss opportunities due to shyness.
  • Close conversations – Leaving good impressions so they’re remembered in a positive light.
  • Present with confidence – No longer feeling anxious in groups, meaning they can embrace opportunities.
  • Speak in any situation – Not feeling overwhelmed and always having something to offer in new surroundings.
  • Speak confidently in public – Never shying away, becoming the person which others look up to.

And much more…

“Communication, it is the first thing we really learn in life. The funny thing is, once we grow up, learn our words and really start talking, the harder it becomes to know what to say or how to ask for what we really need.”

Why am I qualified to teach your child?

Working as a magistrate, a toastmaster, a celebrant, an actress, voice-over artist and a public speaker.  I have a great deal of relevant experience. Once committed, I soon became a public speaking expert.  Helping many children break down barriers and open doors which were otherwise closed.

    I’ve delivered many talks on confidence and communication.  Winning many awards between 2018 and 2019 including:

    • The Women of the World Entrepreneur Award in 2019
    • The She Awards Highly Commendable Inspirational Role Model in 2019
    • The She Inspires Award Finalist as The Best Entrepreneur 2019
    • The MTM Awards Finalist in the National Positive Role Model 2018

    Plus in publications including:

    • The Mail Online
    • Your London Wedding Magazine
    • Khush Magazine
    • Asian Voice

    But hey, don’t just take my word for it, this is what the people I have helped are saying…

    “The course really helped me to speak confidently in front of strangers.  It also taught me to understand how my body language can affect the way I’m speaking.  Not only outside but at home with the way I talk to my parents and siblings.  The course has changed my life.   I know it can change yours.”

    Amar Bakhda – Teenager

     “My daughter sometimes struggles with communicating her feelings. This course has really made me think about our level of communication as a family. It highlighted boundary issues we may have and it was good to bring this to light.  Overall, such a good experience and great value.”

    Sharan Kaur – Business & Marketing Coach

    “We did it together.  The course itself is designed for children.  However, I learned a lot from it too.  I now know that public speaking is a skill which anyone can learn.”

    Sharifa Basit

    “My niece really enjoyed it.  She was able to grasp the commands and tasks really easily.  Applying them within everyday scenarios such as at home and at school.  She used to mumble.  But now she’s getting clearer in her communication. If you have a child who is struggling to get their point across.  Or if they’re struggling with confidence issues in any scenario.  This course will be a big bonus for them.”

    Tanya Vyas

    “My daughter and I did the online confidence course for children. It had great tips and techniques and my daughter really enjoyed it.  I wish there was something like this for me when I was growing up.”

    Veronica Mehta

    Get access to the children’s confidence courses

    The 4+ Years course

    Delivered over 7 video modules. Teaching your child the importance of communicating with confidence.

    The 8+ years to young adult course

    Delivered over 14 modules.  Using written activities and videos.

    The 8+ Years course PLUS one-to-one coaching

    Grab the public speaking course plus 5 to 12 hours of online one-to-one coaching, support and guidance.

    The time is now

    We are coming to the end of a tough period and into the school term, which means now is the perfect time to take advantage of my online courses.

    You’ll be able to give your child the confidence boost they need to go back to school feeling happy and optimistic.  Instead of being nervous and stressed.

    All for the price which you could easily have spent on a game for their console, which is more likely to contribute towards depression, anxiety and low self-esteem than help your child’s development.

    Maybe they want the next big fashion item, thinking it will mask their insecurities, soon realising that the trend has passed and they’re right back to feeling low.

    Or, you could get something which will help your child throughout their entire lives.

    The courses are completely self-paced, there are no time restraints or expectations. Everything you need is provided digitally and you get lifetime access right away.

    You enrol once, regardless of how many children will use it on the number of devices they have.

    And if all this isn’t enough…

      Thanks for reading


      Remember, with either course, you only purchase once and you own it for a lifetime. Regardless of how many times you use it.

      Your child will learn:

      Proper body language
      How to engage in conversions

      How to speak to groups and in public

      4+ years

      For only £79

      8+ years

      For only £99

      8+ years with Coaching

      From only £324

      My Guarantee

      I am so certain about this programme that if your child isn’t:

      More confident | Less shy | A better communicator

      Or you simply feel you want your money back.

      Then I offer a no strings attached 30-day money-back guarantee.

      So you can use this programme for up to 30 days and if you’re not 100% satisfied then I will return your money with zero fuss.

      No hard feelings.

      100% satisfaction or I send all of your money back.

      “Confidence is one of the greatest things a parent can give to their child and themselves”

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