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I do hope that you enjoyed reading the previous newsletters but if for any reason you did not receive them please do let me know.

In each newsletter we will have a guest post and this month we have the amazing Serena April Fordham from Her Business Revolution. She is one amazing lady and has so much to offer.

Enjoy reading this newsletter and as always any feedback is welcome. If you do have any specific questions about Communicating with Confidence whether as an adult or for your child, you can contact me at sonal@sonaldave.com

I look forward to hearing from you.

So much has happened since the last newsletter.

I celebrated my one year anniversary since I formally launched my business so I took a moment to reflect and celebrate just how much has been achieved.

The first year has included being featured in major publications like the Daily Mail, Khush Magazine and The London Wedding Magazine. I have won awards including The Entrepreneur Award from the Women of The Worlds Award (WOW), Celebrant of the year from The Bridebook Awards, Celebrant of the Year from The Global Wedding Awards and 2 awards at The She Awards including highly commendable inspiring woman and an honourary award.

I have had the honour and pleasure to work at some amazing venues like The Old Bailey, Plaisterers Hall, The Honourable Artillary Company, Grosvenor House and many others.

Guess who is feeling very happy and thankful to all who have supported me on my journey.


What a way to celebrate my one year anniversary…



As I mentioned, I’m excited to have won several awards, including the Women of the World’s ‘Entrepreneur of the Year’ award! It’s a great achievement.

Please take a look at the newspaper article HERE.


I have had some great feedback from my online communicating with confidence course for children!


Here is what one parent had to say:

“My daughter participated in the online public speaking course set up by Sonal Dave. The course is very useful, well written out and easy to follow – designed for children (and adults) to follow at their own time, pace and convenience.

My daughter really enjoyed participating in the online course and we are hoping she will follow and practice regularly from the material provided so that it’s useful at school. Highly recommend Sonal Dave’s public speaking courses and workshops.

We will definitely be sending our daughter to the next kids public speaking workshop.”

With half term approaching the online course is a perfect activity for your child to do at home with your support. For more details just click on the button below.

If your child needs some specific 1 to 1 support over the half term I have a few sessions available. Get in touch at sonal@sonaldave.com

Online Course – Find Out More Here


Exciting news for my next project


I can’t say too much yet, but following all the feedback I have received from parents wanting a course for the younger children, I have taken on the challenge and fingers crossed,  all will be revealed before Christmas.

Watch this space………


Guest Post By Serena Fordham:

10 Reasons Why I (Crazily) Decided to Write and Publish a Business Book Within 10 Days!


On Monday 19th August 2019, after returning from a long weekend away with my husband, children and dog Coco, I decided that I wanted to write and publish a book that had been in my mind most of this year.

I decided to set myself a challenge to see if I could fully write and publish this book – which is a mixture of my personal business journey, with some pretty kick-arse business and sales strategies thrown in – within 10 days (crazy I know!)

So, with not a word on paper previously, and just myself and my Chromebook to create this masterpiece, I just started writing, developing and editing to my hearts-content!

“But why set yourself such a near-impossible and ambitious challenge?” I hear you shout!

Well, here are my 10 reasons:

1) To further fulfil my purpose

2) To show that anything can be achieved when you set your mind to it

3) The need from my clients, online audience and community


4) To tell my side of the story, and as therapy, healing and closure from certain parts of my personal journey

5) Because I didn’t want to have any regrets by not sharing it

6) I had been procrastinating on it for way too long (which was sending my mind in circles!)

7) To inspire others who have dreams or goals that they have not yet achieved

8) I like to be challenged and push myself (it makes life quite exciting!)

9) Business is half personal and half strategy, so I felt there needed to be a business book that also showed this, as well as told honest and raw truths about being a woman in business

10) Why the hell not? (just because I could really!)

My book, HER Funny Business, was created from scratch within 10 days, with the aim to deliver a unique, straight-forward and no-nonsense guide to running a business for Female Entrepreneurs (with a few real & comical stories thrown in for good measure!)

I, Serena Fordham – a Business Strategist, Growth/Development and Empowerment Mentor to Female Entrepreneurs, Multi-Award Winning Business Owner, Best-Selling Author, Speaker, and Founder of HER Business Revolution – developed this book from my much loved “HER Funny Business” blog, to share my extraordinary business journey, mixed with proven business, marketing and sales strategies, to support other women business owners to succeed in and grow their businesses.

Get ready to smile, laugh, be surprised, scream with shock, and maybe even shed a-tear-or-two, as you dive deep into this extraordinary business book with a unique twist, and order your magnificent copy through:

Paperback (containing full colour photos and images): £11.29 


E-Book (as black and white text only): £3.29

HER Business Revolution Website



What is a Celebrant?

Many of you have contacted me asking for more details about my role as a Celebrant so here is a little explanation to help you understand.

There are 2 parts to any life event:

1. The Legal part – registry of birth, marriage, death  – The Registry Office or Registrar, and,
2. The Ceremony – the celebration of a birth, a wedding, a funeral or memorial service – A Celebrant.

A celebrant led ceremony gives you the freedom to celebrate and remember without restriction. Whether you require a celebrant for a wedding, renewal of vows ceremony, naming ceremony, funeral or memorial service, we can work together to create the perfect celebration or service for you.

I was very excited to conduct this celebrant wedding that included the brownies, the family dogs, rings made by the couple themselves and their family and friends.

I love what I do.

Enjoy reading about my day in my blog on The Celebrant Directory.


For those of you who are celebrating…


have a wonderful Diwali, Happy Hindu New Year, Bandi Chhor Divas, Halloween and Guy Fawkes Day.


Where else can I find more help from you?


Many of you have shared that you would like more information on how to get more help from me so here are a couple of options.

For those of you who use YouTube I have my own channel and you will find lots of videos giving you tips and skills to Communicating with Confidence by CLICKING HERE.

There is also lots of useful information on my FaceBook Business page where I share events where I am speaking and also next Workshop and seminar days. FIND OUT MORE HERE.

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