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As it’s Black Friday, and I have a great offer for you which is ONLY available today Friday 27th November through to Sunday 29th November.

For this weekend only, you can get £100 off my CPD Accredited Adult Online Communicating with Confidence Course. Making it just £199 when you use code BLACK-FRIDAY. To access the course use the link below:




I have just received a great review from Roshni Shah who lives across the globe in Australia. Roshni recently completed the Adult Online Communicating with Confidence Course, and I wanted to share it with you.

“I enjoyed the course and the way it was delivered in bite size pieces so it wasn’t overwhelming and I could work at my own pace. I understood what I was asked to do and I like that you have used the 3 different ways people learn (audio, visual and kinaesthetic). I would recommend this course to anyone who is preparing for public speaking or an interview as it takes you through each stage.”



Today I wanted to talk to you about a lovely lady called Sam who attended one of my workshops last year. Sam is a business owner and coach. Despite being a confident person normally, when it came to talking in front of a large audience she was petrified, became a nervous wreck and wouldn’t want to be the speaker. However with her business growing and more events coming up, she knew she had to face her fears and get some help with standing up and speaking in public. Her hope was that learning speaking skills would help her to craft her story in a more profound way, and also help to give her more confidence.

Sam attended my full day workshop which gave her the opportunity to learn new skills while putting them into practice in front of others. By the time she left she said she was feeling much more confident and ready to take on her next speaking event.

A few months later Sam got back in touch to say that since the workshop she had gone on to speak at 3 different events in 3 months, which is something she never would have been able to do before attending the workshop. She recalls overcoming her nerves and “remembering Sonals words” while she spoke, which helped to keep her confidence high and communicate her story well. After the events Sam was delighted to receive some positive feedback from some of the attendees, helping to boost her moral and confidence even more for next time.

If you would like to discuss how I can help you become more confident in speaking in public, be it in front of others, or for an important interview, then please do get in touch at sonal@sonaldave.com.


This quote gave me a little bit of a giggle, I hope it will make you giggle as well.  It shows just how so many people feel about speaking in public. However, with the right skills, tips and practice it doesn’t need to be this way, anyone can communicate and speak in public confidently.



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