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Today I want to talk to you about a lovely couple, Mark & Sarah, who had their wedding plans disrupted by the Covid19 restrictions.

Mark & Sarah were due to wed in a large, lavish ceremony in front of all their friends and family at the start of this month. Unfortunately due to restrictions the wedding they had planned couldn’t take place. They had to make a choice to either postpone the wedding to next year, and hope that things would be back to normal, or keep the date and exchange the wedding of their dreams, for a smaller, more intimate affair. 

They both agreed that they had waited long enough already, and just wanted to be husband & wife. Instead of the large wedding they had initially planned, Mark & Sarah wed in a small intimate outdoor ceremony, in front of a tiny group of their very closest friends & family.

The sun was shining and the bubbles were flowing. It may not have been the wedding they had originally wanted, and wasn’t shared with everyone they would have liked, but it was still a beautiful and memorable day that they will cherish forever, and I wish them a lifetime of love and happiness.

If you would like to find out how I can help you with your intimate wedding ceremony then do get in touch at sonal@sonaldave.com 



For many a small outdoor wedding just isn’t possible, especially for those with family far and wide who they couldn’t have the wedding without. For them postponing is the only option. 

If this was you, Rohita Pabla Weddings & Events have created a guide with 10 ways to help you continue celebrating what would have been your wedding day, which you can download here: 




I am very excited to inform you of the impending launch of my Adult Online Public Speaking Course. The current pandemic has caused experts to warn of a looming rise in mental health conditions, due to the lack of social interaction and stress. My course will help people learn and develop skills to allow them to be able to say and explain how they are feeling, as well as give them confidence in themselves, to continue to succeed in life during these very difficult times. I am thrilled to say that the course has been given CPD accreditation, and is now a CPD registered course. 



I have also written a free guide to managing mental health & anxiety in the workplace, which is available to download here. This guide talks about different aspects of mental health, how they take effect, tips for coping, and ways to ask for and also offer support to others suffering.



Lastly I wanted to share with you this video I made on 5 Basic Public Speaking Tips. If you follow these tips you will find that people listen to you more and you will feel more confident. You can watch the video here:


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