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I’m back, after a little while away, ready to resume informing and inspiring you on a monthly basis with all things related to Communicating with Confidence, my Celebrant and Toastmaster services. I have been busy working away in the background to create new and exciting content, but as always I would love to hear your feedback and know what you would like to see, to enable me to make this newsletter as relevant and valuable to you and your children as possible.



2020 has been a tough time for all, many changes, cancelled plans, losses and more; but I do hope you and your family have been coping ok, and managing to stay afloat? Life and regulations seem to be ever changing, it’s almost hard to keep up, but this won’t last forever and we need to focus on the positives and keep moving forward.



I’d like to give you a little recap on me, just in case you’ve forgotten who I am. My name is Sonal Dave, and I am an award winning Ceremonies Celebrant, Toastmaster and Public Speaking Expert. I believe my role is to help others make an impact when speaking in public; communicating with confidence, at team meetings, as entrepreneurs, at networking events, community events and so much more. I dared to follow my dreams at the age of 50 – despite setbacks, health issues and workplace bullying – and I now hope to help other children and adults break down barriers and open doors, to show them that they too have the opportunity to be different and do what they are truly passionate about. 

I am thrilled to be celebrating my 2 year business anniversary on the 27th of September. It has been a whirlwind, and a lot of hard work, but I couldn’t be happier and more proud of all I have accomplished in such a short time. It just goes to show with confidence and determination, you can accomplish whatever your heart desires.



If you are a parent who finds communicating with your child a little hard. Then why not take a few minutes to read over my free download “Ten Tips for Parents Struggling to Communicate with their Children” – It is full of lots of handy tips to help your life be smoother and quieter at home, here is the link https://www.sonaldave.com/struggling-to-communicate/



Over the coming months I will be sharing lots more informative and exciting things with you, but as always please do let me know if there is anything specific you’d like to see more of. If you have a family member or friend who may benefit from the information in my newsletter – please feel free to share; and if you’d like to keep up to date with me more frequently, then why don’t you follow me on Facebook and Instagram. 


Contact me:

Email – sonal@sonaldave.com        Website – Contact Form

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Public Speaking Expert & Trainer: SONAL DAVE

Communication and public speaking expert, Sonal, helps both children and adults communicate more effectively so that they have the tools and skills they need for better relationships and, indeed, for life.

Through her extensive experience working within the youth work, entertainment and business sectors, Sonal is uniquely placed to help bridge the communication gap between kids and adults.

Sonal’s exciting and engaging workshops and courses help people the world over reconnect and communicate so that they can overcome the barriers to success that have been holding them back.

You can also support yourself, using my Journal that I have created for both adults and children with a Neurodivergent 

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