Introducing the Journals

There are 2 Journals that have been created with the support of a focus group. The focus group included adults with a neurodiverse condition, parents who have a child with a neurodiverse condition, individuals who work with the neurodiverse community and a speech therapist.


Both Journals have the months of the year, there are 2 pages side by side for them to write about or draw the good and the not so good days.

There are mandalas throughout both Journals to colour in or doodle in

There are inspirational quotes in both

The Neurodivergent Mind

autism adhd journal for adults
Spanning 12 months, this simple yet effective layout offers you the space to reflect on the 8 prompts, allowing you to process and learn about what happened that day and consider what you might do differently next time.

Write It, Read It, Let It Go

autism adhd journal for children
When your child needs to take a moment away from everything, this journal is their place to write, colour or doodle, giving them the space to work though their day and what happened. Then read it, remember it, accept, and let go..

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What’s Inside

  • What is neurodiversity?
  • The nuerodivergent mind
  • Types of neurodivergence
  • Causes of neurodiversity conditions
  • The benefits of neurodiversity in the workplace and society as a whole
  • The challenges neurodivergent individuals face
  • Accommodating people with neurodivergent brains in everyday life
  • How journalling can help
  • The future of neurodiversity
  • Resources for further reading and learning about neurodiversity
The Definitive Guide on Neurodiversity
The Definitive Guide on Neurodiversity

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