The Beauty of the Neurodivergent Mind

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Approximately 40 years ago, neurodivergence was considered an illness, a problem, and abnormal. Fast forward to today, and scientists have discovered the many benefits and blessings of a neurodivergent mind. In today’s society, people who suffer from neurodiverse conditions such as ADHD, Autism, or Dyslexia are all considered normal, but with a different way of understanding how the world works and how information is processed. 

What is it like to have a Neurodivergent Mind?

Having a neurodivergent mind feels no different to what neurotypicals (people with a “typical normal” mind), do because of the way that neurodivergent minds take in the information around the world. To people who have neurodiverse conditions such as ADHD, autism, dyslexia or dyspraxia to name a few, the way they think and operate in everyday scenarios is how everyone thinks. 

Having a neurodiverse mind means that information that is taken in is processed differently, and senses like touch and smell can often be enhanced with emotions. For example, a bad smell may make neurotypical minds walk away, whereas someone with a neurodiverse mind may get upset, distressed or frustrated with it. This is just one example of how a neurodivergent mind can work, and process information received. 

The True Beauty of a Neurodivergent Mind

Many people consider a neurodivergent mind to be negative in some light, either an illness, problem, or an abnormality that couldn’t be cured. Scientists since the 1990s have been putting a lot of research into neurological conditions such as ADHD and autism, as more and more people are being diagnosed with these conditions.

The true beauty of a neurodivergent mind lies within how the mind deals with information. People who have autism, dyslexia, dyspraxia or even ADHD will all see information in a different light when compared to people who have a neurotypical mind. Everyday problems can cause distress for many of these conditions, but the more that someone who has a neurodivergent condition manages it, the easier it is to understand and accept. 

Neurodivergent minds are also able to adapt and problem-solve much better than neurotypical minds. With a condition such as autism, there are many positives that can come from the condition. This can include attention to detail, a deep and stimulated focus, the ability to observe closely and replicate tasks, as well as having the ability to absorb information and retain it very well. Although these are great for a workplace, they can also make people with neurodiverse conditions excel in their own projects, manage their own businesses and develop as humans. 

There are some famous celebrities with Neurodiverse minds who have achieved their own version of success. These include, Dan Aykroyd – Comedic Actor, Hans Christian Andersen – Children’s Author, Susan Boyle – Singer and Lewis Carroll – Author of “Alice in Wonderland”.

There are so many people who have neurodivergent conditions that hasn’t stopped them from achieving greatness and changing not only their own lives, but millions of other lives too. 


Overall, having a neurodivergent mind is not something that should be hidden. Having a neurodiverse condition is a way to understanding how the world works and the science behind it. It can make you excel at a task, project or business you set your mind to. It is special and a gift.

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