The Neurodivergent Mind in the Workplace

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Having a neurodivergent mind in the workplace can often be looked at as both a strength, and a weakness depending on the job role, the neurodiverse condition that the employee might have and the knowledge and experience of managers and the business. There are more people in the workplace now but they will not always share this information for fear of being treated differently or misunderstood.

What it is like to work with a Neurodiverse mind

If you have been diagnosed with a neurodiverse condition such as autism, ADHD or dyslexia, it can be hard to find your feet when trying to work alongside people who don’t have a neurodiverse mind. Working with someone with a neurodiverse condition can be seen as difficult as socialising is not comfortable and you can often feel awkward when put in these situations.

Finding the environment difficult to concentrate in or being easily distracted can also be challenging when living with a neurodiverse condition in the workplace. Although most businesses around the UK are able to assist because of a lack of understanding or wanting to be educated it can be difficult. However, where it is understood, an employer can help to make the workplace calmer and more sympathetic for the individual. It is important to tell your manager and if needed share relevant links to ways they can adapt to support you. Sometimes you may have to take the lead to help them when they do not know.

Work, just like for all of us – can be stressful at times, and with a neurodiverse condition such as autism or ADHD, this can often feel much more elevated and real. For example, a stressful day can often run into a stressful night knowing that you haven’t finished a task, and the urge to get it finished at the next available time. For a neurodivergent mind, the stress is heightened and can turn to anger because the task was not completed in time and to perfection.

Does having a Neurodiverse Brain make Working Harder or Easier?

Depending on the intensity of your neurodiverse condition, working in any job role can be both easier and harder. As with all the conditions that are under the umbrella of neurodiversity, some aspects of each condition can benefit working, whereas some tasks or goals in the workplace may be slightly harder to achieve with a certain condition.

With some conditions such as autism, long-concentration spans and reliability as well as faster and more effective learning are all beneficial for the workplace. On the other hand, conditions such as dyslexia may make you feel a little uncomfortable in the workplace, as sometimes writing words incorrectly or not being able to use the correct words may be highlighted and affect self-confidence.

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Why having a Neurodiverse workforce within a company is Beneficial

Although having a neurodiverse condition such as autism, ADHD, or dyslexia may put employers off taking on an individual, having neurodiverse members of staff on your team who have one of these conditions can actually be very beneficial.

A member of staff who is autistic will be reliable, consistent, accurate and can concentrate for long periods. These behaviours are all very beneficial to the workplace. As long as the appropriate measures are put n place to support a Neurodivergent mind, then a business will greatly benefit. It is where the measures and support are not put in place that an employee with a neurodivergent mind will struggle.

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Conclusion on Neurodiversity in the Workplace

A neurodiverse mind is important to everyday life both for the people who have a neurodiverse condition as well as employers who are looking to find the next employee to work in their business. With more and more people finding out they have a neurodiverse condition and being open to talking about it, it is clear to see that neurodiversity will truly be common in the workplace and therefore it is time for businesses to educate themselves and be aware of what they can do to support a neurodivergent mind flourish in the workplace.

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