A Typical Day as a Neurodiverse Adult

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A typical working day in the life of a neurodivergent adult can often be fast-paced, distressing, frustrating, misunderstood and lonely. Today, we take a look at what a typical day as a neurodiverse adult looks like. 

A Typical Day as a Neurodiverse Adult

Wake Up and Shower

Waking up and taking a shower may be quite normal for neurotypical people, (people who have what is considered the “social norm” when referring to neurodiversity). For adults who struggle with a neurodiverse condition, waking up and deciding on if they should or shouldn’t have a shower can take quite a bit of time, as it can be quite a lot to handle after just waking up.

Getting Dressed

Getting dressed can be an easy task, but when struggling with a neurodiverse condition such as autism or ADHD, you might try 2-4 different outfits before finding the one you’re comfortable with. This is because some outfits might not fit perfectly, or might feel uncomfortable and itchy, so finding the perfect outfit is a must, regardless of how many outfits you try on.

Getting Something for Breakfast

Breakfast for adults with a neurodiverse condition will often be to stick to what they know best. This might be their favorite cereal that they’ve been having for 10 years, and they will not often stray away from their preferred breakfast types because it would feel unnatural.

Starting Work, or a Task

Starting work, or completing a task can be hard to start. Sometimes an adult with a neurodiverse condition can find it difficult to switch tasks so they may sit and try to figure out where to start. Not only that, but depending on the task ahead, they may feel anxious about being able to finish it, or what might happen during the task.

Once started, a task can be concentrated on and can be easy to get through once the commitment at the start has been made. This might be the only task or piece of work that an adult with a neurodiverse condition completes that day, as they can often devote all their time and attention for several hours whilst working on a task.

An Unexpected Disruption to Plans

When something strays from the norm when making plans or if a project/task changes slightly, this can be very upsetting for someone suffering from a neurodiverse condition. People who have conditions such as autism, ADHD, and even dyslexia all react differently to changes, and if they’ve not planned for something to happen it can often cause distress to the adult. This can be overcome with a little break and a fresh mindset when approaching the changes.

A Typical Day as a Neurodiverse Adult



At lunchtime, it’s common for people with a neurodiverse condition to either take lunch time at a specific time every day. But for some adults with these conditions, it can often pass by and get to the late afternoon because of the concentration put into tasks or other projects they were working on at the time. When it gets too late, it’s best for them to wait for their dinner time (evening meal).

Social Interaction

Basic social interaction for adults who suffer from neurodiverse conditions can be exhausting and draining. That’s because social interaction is almost like a test. It’s easy for people with neurodiverse conditions to forget names, forget how to speak eloquently and worry, distress and frustration can often creep in as they feel as if the people, they’re interacting with can’t understand them. Only close friends and family are easy to talk to at this time.


When it’s time to sleep, some people are able to sleep within minutes of trying, but for people who suffer from a neurodiverse condition, it can be difficult and overthinking thoughts can rush into the mind, replaying parts of the day that didn’t go so well for them, before eventually tiring themselves out so much and finally falling asleep.

Conclusion on A Typical Day as a Neurodiverse Adult

Overall, having a neurodiverse condition as an adult can and will impact daily life. As much as having one of these conditions is a blessing and comes with many advantages, there are still challenges that are hard to overcome. Professional help and friendly support are available, so if you’re struggling you can always find support and guidance at The Neurodiversity Hub.

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