Sonal Dave on Talking Points with Keith Vaz

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Sonal Dave on Talking Points with Keith Vaz, Lyca Radio’s flagship talk-show, where veteran politician turned broadcaster, Keith Vaz ‘celebrates diversity’.

Keith Vaz talks to some of the most influential and powerful leaders from various fields including politics, business, sport, entertainment and entrepreneurs who are leading the way, breaking down barriers, facing challenges and inspiring others to follow their dreams and passions.

Sonal Dave was invited on to the radio show to talk about who she is, what she has achieved and how she is inspiring others and who has inspired her.

Sonal Dave is an Award-Winning Celebrant, Toastmaster, Public Speaking Expert, Published Author in 2 collaboration books, a Magistrate, Actress, Singer and does voluntary work with charities including Shishukunj, Saving Dreams and SKSN (a charity supporting children with polio)

Enjoy listening to the show recorded on Sunday 30th January 2022 and you can listen to Sonal’s interview at 47.12 minutes into the show.

Sonal Dave on Talking Points with Keith Vaz

Talking Points with Keith Vaz

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Dare to Dream, Dare to be Different, The World is YOUR Stage

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Public Speaking Expert & Trainer: SONAL DAVE

Communication and public speaking expert, Sonal, helps both children and adults communicate more effectively so that they have the tools and skills they need for better relationships and, indeed, for life.

Through her extensive experience working within the youth work, entertainment and business sectors, Sonal is uniquely placed to help bridge the communication gap between kids and adults.

Sonal’s exciting and engaging workshops and courses help people the world over reconnect and communicate so that they can overcome the barriers to success that have been holding them back.

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