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*NEW EPISODE* Adults with Children have a responsibility to create and maintain positive relationships, explains @sonaldave68 in episode 1 of this #wellness show #podcast series

Sonal Dave is an award-winning Public Speaking Expert for both children and adults, a British Indian Female Toastmaster, a Ceremonies Celebrant for all Life Events, a published author and an actress and singer.

In this podcast, for @iglobal_news, Sonal has a conversation with @tony_patti where she explains how adults who care for children have a responsibility to create and maintain positive and healthy relationships with children. One of the most practical and mutually rewarding ways to achieve this goal is through positive communication.

Positive communication is an art and we all need to take time to learn this skill as it is not completely taught in school or the workplace. It all falls under the umbrella of Public Speaking.

The skills to learn include, communicating with confidence, storytelling, interview skills and more. You can learn about body language, self-acceptance, voice control, how to engage the person you are speaking to, how to start and finish speaking and there is more.

Enjoy listening to the podcast and let me know what you think!

Positive communication with a child podcast

To find out more, and how Sonal can help both you and children, just follow this link https://www.sonaldave.com/courses/

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