Why do I need a Toastmaster? It’s a Conference…

by | Apr 3, 2018 | Toastmaster

The role of a Toastmaster is usually identified as; at a wedding making announcements and looking after guests. However, a Toastmaster can do so much more.

Recently myself and 2 Members of The English Toastmasters Association (Richard & Garry) were booked to provide our services at The Qatar Security & Stability Conference at the Intercontinental by the O2.

I’m sure you are wondering what it is that we did? The answer is; Our key role that day was to look after the VVIP’s. This included escorting them, answering any questions they had, helping the main organisers with any help they required on the day, generally looking very smart and approachable, being helpful by spotting any potential risks and resolving before they became an issue. It was a great honour for us to be there and our work was appreciated by all. Here are the words of the main organiser himself, Mr Thomas Mace Archer-Mills.

“Sonal was a magical component to the overwhelming event we hosted at the Intercontinental O2. This was a very interesting day and a very demanding event for all the VIP and VVIP guests. I was so thankful for the help provided by Sonal and the Toastmasters and insisted that the event needed their special touch and expertise!  I will not hold any events unless I have Sonal or one of her colleagues in scarlet!
Thank you Sonal Dave!”

So, if you are planning a conference, an award ceremony, an auction or any type of corporate event, remember that a Toastmaster can take away a lot of your stress and be an additional helping hand of support, announcements and running your day successfully.

If you found this useful and would like to find out more than do contact me at sonal@sonaldave.com

I look forward to hearing from you


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Asian Lady Toastmaster: SONAL DAVE

Sonal Dave is a Ceremonies Celebrant, Lady Toastmaster and Professional Public Speaking Expert. Speaking English, Gujarati and basic Hindi, Sonal’s services include symbolic Asian rituals, the sand ceremony and many other symbolic Indian or Western elements.

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