Children’s Storytelling Template

Empower your child to talk about their life with clarity and confidence

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Storytelling is one of the most important art forms that your child needs to learn. People love to hear stories about real people. Your child will learn how to include their story in interviews, presentations and so much more. They need to learn this to stand out.

For just £9.99 you have my storytelling workbook for your child to complete at a pace that works for them.

Storytelling is an ancient and valuable art that extends around the globe.

If your child can learn this skill then whenever they have to present, do an interview, speak to one person or in the classroom they will be able to talk about their own life with clarity and confidence.

Here is a storytelling workbook that will take your child through the process in the right order to help them put together their own life story as well as the important moments that they want to share.

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Its not easy to talk about yourself and your life as we are not brought up to do that. Yet your own story is so powerful and will inspire others.

I know you are going to be surprised at this but for just £9.99 you get my storytelling workbook for your child to use as often as they need.

This is children from the age of 6 upwards. It can be used by younger children as well but parental support would be required.

My storytelling workbook will take your child through the process of writing their story in the order that will make it simpler for them.

Sonal Dave
Award-Winning Public Speaking Expert,  Toastmaster and Celebrant

Helping children from the age of 4 and adults both men and women,  break down barriers and open doors which were otherwise closed. I’ve delivered many talks on confidence and communication.

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Awards include:

  • The Innovation & Excellence Award for Celebrant of the Year
  • The Women of the World Entrepreneur Award
  • The She Awards Highly Commendable Inspirational Role Model
  • The She Inspires Award Finalist as The Best Entrepreneur
  • The MTM Awards Finalist in the National Positive Role Model 

Plus in publications including:

  • The Mail Online
  • Your London Wedding Magazine
  • Khush Magazine
  • Asian Voice

What are you waiting for?

This is JUST £9.99 to learn the art of storytelling.

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