Public Speaking for DofE Skills Section

Online Course and Expert Support to Learn Communication Skills

Did you know that Public Speaking can be your chosen skill for the Duke of Edinburgh Award?

Many young adults, teenagers, and young children are shy and not very confident, nerves and fear hold them back. Good news!

Confidence in communication can be learnt and mastered.

Now is the perfect time to overcome your public speaking fears!

Access our public speaking online course with weekly expert support so that you can learn how to communicate your ideas in any situation and have great public speaking skills.

Sonal Dave

Hi there, my name is Sonal and I am an Award-Winning Public Speaking Expert

I have led an exciting and eclectic career bringing my passions together as an Award-Winning Ceremonies Celebrant, Toastmaster, Public Speaking Expert, Magistrate and Published Author in 2 collaboration books.

I help both children and adults to communicate with confidence. This includes from the home environment, through to school, university, work, interviews and more. I help individuals to build their confidence, manage fear and find their voice.

Daring to follow my dreams at the age of 50, through my business and voluntary activities, I am inspiring others to break down barriers and follow their dreams.

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“Dare to Dream, Dare to be Different, The World is Your Stage”

Sonal Dave

Before I started this course, I was not particularly good at presenting at school.

Sonal Dave’s course is filled with engaging, fun activities which helped me to refine my public speaking skills. Sonal Dave has also taught me about how to be a good public speaker, you must be self-acceptant of how you look and how you sound, even if you are not happy with either of these.

I believe that through this course and my lessons with Sonal Dave, I have found that I have become more confident in a skill that is beneficial in the future.

Tanush - Teenage Student

After every session, I could see a difference in my daughter as she started getting more open, confident, gained self-esteem, and her body language changed. I would recommend Sonal to every parent especially if they would like their child to thrive. 

Rakhee - Parent

My name is Tanaiya and I’m 15 years old. Before the public speaking course with Sonal, I lacked confidence and always dreaded speaking in front of a group of people. However, thanks to Sonal, I have definitely overcome this fear. She’s really friendly and comforting too which helps to open up more. I definitely see a huge difference in myself, and my parents and friends would agree too!

I can’t recommend and thank Sonal enough!

Tanaiya - Teenage Student

Ready for unshakable confidence?

Work with Sonal to improve your public speaking and confidence as part of your Duke of Edinburgh.

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