Why Parents & Adults Should Learn Life Skills Like Communicating with Confidence

by | Jan 23, 2022 | Communicating with Confidence, Public Speaking

Learning life skills like communicating with confidence is something many adults and parents alike struggle to develop, even well into their 40s and 50s, but understandably so: the pressures of being a parent opens a very unique can of worms that cannot be understood completely or empathised with until you become a parent yourself. And, being a responsible adult, trying to make ends meet and finding your purpose in life, can bring its own set of challenges and obstacles.

In both these cases, life skills like communicating with confidence or learning the art of storytelling to get a point across, often take a backseat.

The best approach to learn life skills like building confidence for communicating effectively

Communicating effectively as an adult or parent means that we can easily lock into an engaging conversation where the person standing or sitting opposite you gives you their complete attention. And this, I believe, is among one of the most critical life skills you can develop because when you understand how the art of storytelling comes into play when we talk about effective communication, you can essentially win people over with little effort.

How might this be beneficial, you wonder?

Here are some quick examples to learn important communication life skills I can give you off the top of my head:

Using voice control and body language for communicating at the workplace

When was the last time you were unable to resolve conflict at the workplace or take flak for something you weren’t responsible for? Or, you had a fantastic, business-changing idea but just didn’t have the confidence or knew the right kind of body language to relay your point to key decision-makers or stakeholders?

Perhaps you wanted to break into a company you had been eyeing for a long time but lacked the confidence and interview skills to convince the recruiter that you were a good match. To succeed in all these situations, it all comes down to two things:

  • Communicating with relentless confidence, and telling your story in an engaging and convincing way
  • Communicating with confidence to manage conflict at home

4 personality types

Communicating effectively at home

Life can get pretty hectic as a parent – believe me, I know that too well – but what if you’re a single parent? More work for you then!

Have you ever thought about why so many parents are not able to control their kids at home or can’t seem to resolve conflicts within the family? Perhaps they lack convincing power and don’t understand how essential storytelling is – not just to get a simple point across but also to convince someone else to see everything from your perspective. Food for thought!

Communicating, life skills

Meeting goals and objectives in life

Let’s think outside of the ‘work’ or ‘home’ mindset for a minute – is there anything that you’ve wanted very badly in life, but just can’t seem to make it happen? Maybe you feel it’s out of reach or perhaps you’re not good enough for it.


Learning to communicate with confidence is the one skill that can open many doors to achieving what you’ve always wanted – be it your personal or professional life.

I would know because I’ve helped so many adults and parents meet goals and achieve success at home, the workplace and in their personal lives.


I’m only a phone call away – let’s sit down for a consultation and discuss how you can be a powerful and confident communicator!

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