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It is the day of my Ladies Confidence Workshop and I am so excited as I get myself ready and do my final checks before I leave for the venue. Communicating with confidence is a life skill and I’m always thrilled to see the workshop participants grow into effective and confident communicators.

The car is packed and off I go looking forward to meeting all the attendees who will all be coming to my workshop. Many I will be meeting for the first time. All with different backgrounds and different reasons for being there.

Who might be at the Ladies Confidence Workshop?

It could be the shy student or the one that has an interview for a school. A few will definitely be there for help with their mocks or exams but all are there to learn these much-needed life skills.

For the ladies they could be startup businesses or they may have a presentation or speaking event. Maybe they have just become a team manager or they have an interview for their next career move. Whatever it is they come ready to learn how to Communicate with Confidence to be a great Public Speaker.

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What happens at the Ladies Confidence Workshop?

Each session starts with the housekeeping rules and then a moment for everyone to get to know each other. This is very important as often attendees come on their own not knowing anyone else. This will be the first time they will stand up and speak in front of everyone and an opportunity for me to see where they need my help.

Following this session, we go through some theory and science and questions are asked along the way. Within the first hour, I start to see attendees start to relax, make friends and start to open up. It really is wonderful to watch.

It’s team exercise time and I make sure that each team has a good mix of members. The exercise could be a debate on important topics or a time to work on their own storytelling which is a very important activity for all. Being able to tell your own story and include it in any communication is a great skill to have.

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There is a session on Body Language and how to open and close communications, followed by a wrap-up session on describing yourself which is always great fun, but also a challenge as many people find this task difficult. It is always easy to describe others but not yourself.

The end of the Ladies Confidence Workshop

The workshops end with a summary of the day and any final questions. This part of the workshop has quite an amazing feeling as new friends have been made, contact details are exchanged and I see how attendees have come out of their shells. They have found their voice and have an air of confidence about them. I share how they can get more support including my YouTube Channel. Here they can watch videos with tips on Public Speaking for free by subscribing to my channel. They can also get 1 to 1 support for specific activities when required and support on my website.

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Parents arrive to collect their children and are keen to get feedback on their child and importantly, the next steps for them to continue their learning. Ladies line up to speak to me to ask how they can get extra help and support in a particular area.

I am so excited as the buzz and flurry of conversations, wanting for more learning and understanding of the need for this life skill becomes real to all. I have also made some new friends and as each child comes and says Thank you before they leave and some with a hug, I have a huge inner smile. Each of the ladies gives me a massive smile and hug with a heartfelt Thank you.

I know my work and their journey has started to learn the life skill of Communicating with Confidence to be amazing at Public Speaking.

For further learning for children, there is my online teaching children to communicate with confidence course which includes activities to do, videos to watch, a test and a certificate on completion. Once you have the online course it is yours forever.

The waiting list is now open for my in-person Teaching Communication with Confidence Public Speaking Workshops. To join the waiting list, please click here.

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