5 Simple Tips for Better Video Content and Live Broadcasts

by | Dec 14, 2020 | Public Speaking

Starting out with video content and live broadcasts can be a daunting thought. In this article, I’m going to give you 5 tips to improve your confidence for better video content right away.

1. Get comfortable with video

After doing live broadcasts and video content for a while, you will become confident. There’s no doubt about it. But when you’re starting out make sure you’re comfortable. Have the house to yourself. Wear something light so you don’t get hot under the collar and make sure you wear clothes that you are comfortable in. Make sure there’s enough light and a nice backdrop. Make bullet points of what you want to talk about so you don’t forget anything. Pour yourself a glass of water and most of all, have fun. By setting yourself up for success, your confidence will begin to improve right away and your video content will be better.

better video content - get comfortable - get confident

2. Clean your lens

Many people shoot sub-par video footage because they have a dirty lens. Some begin to believe they need a new camera. Our devices are in constant use and the grease from our fingers can leave its mark. If you’re using a phone or laptop which you’ve had for a while, chances are the lens could do with a clean. It can make a real difference to the quality of your video footage.

better video content

3. Use Facebook and Instagram stories

Facebook and Instagram stories are a great way to get a feel of live broadcasts. The content is non-persistent and only lasts for 24 hours. Which means mistakes are not set in stone.

Another great thing about stories is that 80% of people who watch them have their sound on, which is 60% more than on a general feed or wall. This means stories are great for engaging with people using audio. They can also provide a quick boost of confidence before moving on to bigger things.

4. Own your mistakes

The fear of mistakes can stop people from creating video content and live broadcasts. But if you make a mistake then there are two things which you can do to own it.

One, be honest with your audience. Acknowledge your mistake and move on. This will show that you have confidence and that you don’t sweat it. You’re authentic and keep going.

Option two is to ignore it. If it’s something small such as a quick noise or an unexpected visitor in-shot, then it could be more disruptive to acknowledge it. Sometimes carrying on regardless is the best policy.

better video content - own mistakes

5. Video editing hack for better video content

We’ve all been there. You’ve recorded some video footage but it needs a little work. You’re not at a stage where you’re ready to pay for video editing software. So you take to the internet in search of a free download.

Some are free but many features are locked. Some leave a great big watermark right across your video. Some are so complicated to learn they make the control panel of the Starship Enterprise look like a child’s toy.

But what if I told you that you very likely already have video editing software, already on your PC or laptop? If you use Windows 10 then you do. Although it might not be where you think it is. You see, the old Windows Movie Maker is no more, as you’ll know if you’ve been searching for software.

But if you go to the video file which you would like to edit. Right-click, then choose ‘open with’ and then ‘Photos’. Hit the crayon/paintbrush icon then choose ‘Create a video with text’. You can now use the simple editor to split, chop and change your video. As well as adding text and images.

video editing for better content

Ready to make better video content?

Make sure you’re comfortable. Setting yourself up for success. Greasy fingers can affect video quality so be sure to clean your lens. Facebook and Instagram stories are a great way to test the water and boost your confidence. Whether you admit it to your audience or carry on regardless, own your mistakes. Use Microsoft pictures as a free and simple video editor. But most of all, have fun.

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