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When communicating with others you are trying to convince them to listen to your message. You are selling them your ideas. Within the world of sales, there are 4 personality types. Knowing these personality types can strengthen your approach. Whether speaking to a group or an individual.

In this article, I’m going to take a look at the 4 personality types and what to bear in mind when speaking to them.

Why do the 4 personality types matter?

Please note, the following are polarised examples. Individuals may not display such strong characteristics. People can teeter between more than one type. Also, you may use this knowledge in different ways. Depending on whether you are speaking to large crowds, groups or individuals,

For example, if you were presenting to a group of people. You may try and make sure there is something for everyone. Or, if you conduct extensive research into your audience, you might identify a dominant personality type and tailor your approach towards it.

Knowing the personality types will be useful when addressing individuals and answering questions. Instead of a one size fits all approach. You can tailor the way you interact depending on which traits you recognise in them.


The analytical personality type is deliberate and mindful. They want hard facts and figures. Setting the bar high for their expectations of personal and professional performance. Prepare for them to question you but chances are they’ll already know the answer.

People with the analytical personality type want you to give it to them straight. They have no need for fancy gimmicks. You will begin to lose them with too much fluff. If you plan to hit them with a new idea then be sure to have the data to back up your claims. These are the type of people who will question anything which isn’t backed up by solid data and look to disprove it. If this happens then you will lose their respect and they will no longer listen to what you have to say.


Drivers see the big picture. Unlike the analytical personality type, they don’t get caught up on the finer details. They’re natural leaders. Confident in telling people their thoughts and feelings. They want results and will make decisions on the best way to get them.

Like analytical types, Drivers have no time for fluff. They want you to get to the core of the issue and they want to know what it means to them. Can it help them or will it give them an edge? They expect professionalism and will drill into you for more information. They expect quick answers and value readiness.

4 personality types


The amiable personality type is calm, forgiving, quiet and tolerant. They’re empathetic and inoffensive yet carry a certain charm. Avoiding confrontation and always taking others into account. They’re likeable and value relationships. The amiable personality type doesn’t make quick decisions. They are likely to ask questions about you to build rapport. They’re not ones for research and will expect everything to be laid out for them.

Be patient with amiable personality types, taking the time to explain what they need to know. Give them the chance to visualise and understand your ideas. Whilst building a relationship. But be the leader, assuring them about your message and the things you hope they will take away.


People with an expressive personality type will turn a setback into a smile. They’re thoughtful and want everyone to be happy. They like to be involved and don’t want to be left out of the group. They value personal relationships, recognition and trust. They’re confident in themselves but also aim to please others.

Expressives aren’t interested in facts. They want to know how what your telling them will affect them on a personal level. They want to build relationships, expecting you to keep them up-to-speed by summarising your main points.

Which of the 4 personality types are you?

Knowing the 4 personality types can help to strengthen your approach when addressing groups and individuals. Analytical personality types want the facts and want you to give it to them straight. Drivers look at the big picture and want to know how you can help them, fast. People with the amiable personality type value relationships. They want you to take the time to explain what they need to know. Expressives are sociable and want to know how what you’re saying will affect them on a personal level. There are no hard and fast rules when dealing with people. But these guidelines will help you to stay on the right track.

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