Which Toastmaster Should I Book?

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It’s that time in your planning where you have sorted out your venue, catering, decor and all those items associated with your wedding events and you’re late to book your Toastmaster. So how do you know who to book or who is the best? Did you know that you can have a female Toastmaster and that all Toastmasters are not over 60 🙂

Here are a few tips to help you make that important decision.

Tip 1 –  A google search will help you to see who is out there and their locations.

Tip 2 – Once you have found a few you like then look at their website or social media pages as this will help you to get to know them.

Tip 3 – Contact them by email or by phone and ask the individual, which Toastmasters association they belong to and whether they have Insurance. This is the time to also ask a few chatty questions so that you can get a better feel for their personality and style.

Tip 4 – Once you have decided your first preference, then it’s time to mention dates, location, timings, requirements on the day and assuming they are free then of course ask the Toastmasters rate.

Tip 5 – If all is well, then do make sure that contracts are in place and signed to protect both you and the Toastmaster.

Just a little word of warning, there are a lot of people out there who call themselves Toastmasters. Look at the uniform properly, are they wearing a collarette with a medallion showing their association (also known as a medallion ribbon) and do their trousers have double stripes on the sides. If yes, there is more chance that they have been properly trained, are part of an official association and are insured.

If you found this useful and would like to find out more than do contact me at sonal@sonaldave.com

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